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Pentalabbs - Designed for Startup Growth

About us

Pentalabbs sets itself apart on the market as a one-stop shop focused on accelerating growth and creating value for a target group of startups, grown-ups and SMEs that wish to turn toward digital models. The underlying concept of our offer is Services For Equity.

Our services

Digital Marketing for Equity is a brand new Pentalabbs offer for all IT startups seeking to accelerate their growth, promote their brand image and increase their sales...

Château des Hauts

Château des Hauts, Pentalog's new headquarters, gathers the best Pentalog Institute consultants and IT startups within the Pentalabbs startup accelerator: an ideal co- & net-working space for exchanging ideas and incorporating a rich variety of IT expertise.

Success stories

The Pentalabbs opportunistic investment fund offers "Technology for equity" support in a top of the range environment to startups from the IT, software, e-commerce and web services fields, and is proud to host a genuine innovation campus.

Pentalabbs Blog

Fanster by Byzon Media is the best example of how to build a sustainable business in an emerging sector with an already active community and where many economic models are still being tested. Yes, we’re talking about eSports: the hidden world where teams, sponsors, leagues and champions, as well...

18 May 2016 - 12:13

Pentalabbs is happy to announce that its partnership with TheFamily has entered a new phase with the recent Technology for Equity investment in the capital syndication operated by TheFamily together with Kima Ventures, SGH and TheFamily Godfathers for Fred de la Compta. To date, this round is not...

12 May 2016 - 20:31

Un partenariat doit vivre et celui avec TheFamily passe une nouvelle étape, par l’investissement en Technology for Equity dans la syndication de capital opérée par TheFamily au côté de Kima Ventures, SGH et les Godfathers de TheFamily pour Fred de la Compta. A ce jour, le tour de table est encore...

11 May 2016 - 10:06


Fred de la Compta reinvents accounting by proposing an app that facilitates relations between companies and accountants.

Located in Silicon Valley in the incubator Plug and Play, the startup Bluefox, led by Guillaume de la Tour, has developed an innovative concept that detects the mobile phones in a defined space, without app, without opt-in and without log in.

The Byzon Media startup aims at becoming the leader on the eSports community market via its FANSTER mobile application.